June 10, 2016


STF Parameters

STF Parameters

For an overall trend idea i included in this indicator also Ichimoku cloud and Hull moving average.

1 Ichimoku_CloudLinesOnly  (TRUE , FALSE).

If on TRUE you will need price action just bellow / above cloud.

If on FALSE all other components of Ichimoku cloud should be included as well (except lagging line).

Price action above cloud lines and Senkou Span A and B lines.


It is also very important to be mentioned you will get information about overall trend in Market Analyzer.

Regarding HULL Moving average i would set it on 20 as a default setting.

You can also enable it to work along Ichimoku ( it does work in a same time with ichimoku enabled).

STF TimeFrame1 (chart ) is a time frame on which we look for a alerts.

STF TimeFrame2 and 3 are additional time frames if we want to trade in a direction of higher time frames.

StrongTrendFinder option is if you want to enable this trends thing to work.

If not just leave it on False.

NG 6 range chart could also be set to search for a trades if let say 12 and 24 range are in sync.

My idea behind this was to try to catch trades which are in sync with overall direction.

Maybe using Daily and Weekly can put you on a right side.

Here is basic example

I scanned based on ichimoku cloud instruments that have retrace number of 0.0003                                                                                                                                                                                                                   trend w and d

We can see that 6S and NG ( natural gas) futures are in strong trend up.Attached is 6S on Daily and Weekly charts

ng up