June 10, 2016



My name is Predrag and I was one of the students of Mr. David Weis.

WVMTS INDICATOR which i am going to present you is an add-on on Weis Wave indicator and it can help you to search for a trades that are linked to some of Mr. Weis principles  (and as you already know Mr. Weis is a Wyckoff school of trading).

You MUST have Weis Wave to be able to use this add on. Regarding that you can contact Mr. Weis directly or you can contact me so I can connect two of you.


(price of Weis Wave indicator is 500USD)

I was amazed by his tutorials and after some period of time i started to recognize those “easy” trades but as you probably guess these somehow always appeared on time frame or a instrument which i did follow in that very moment… or on a stock which i did not even knew about!!

So i made me a “tool” to try to catch and filter those “diamonds” and i think i succeed in that!

I also included backtesting option to involve a bit of statistics in a whole process

Decided to share this, to raise some capital and focus more on researching some stock’s option trading strategies which do nicely go

along some of here presented P Patterns (specially P10 and P1010 which are mine last update) and yes… those usually appear before some major move.

Here are many charts so you will be able to see it for yourself and get a clue about whole philosophy.

By the way this is not a black box alert trading system and nevertheless backed by some nice results, using some logic and % of brain behind would be advisable!!

And as i already mention backtesting feature is enabled, which can help you become more confident and maybe lower brain usage 😉

With this indicator, depending on settings and filters one decide to use, you can get more than 50 , 100 alerts (believe me much more than you can even trade).

Some of those are going to be TEXT BOOK samples. My goal is to wait for such a TEXT BOOK trades where you don’t need so much knowledge to be able to figure an outcome.

You will use your capital as wise as possible and get in just low risk high reward situations.

Indicator consists of 10 very powerful Patterns which appear every day on every time frame and every instrument.

Atm I use Market Analyzer in NinjaTrader® platform (there is just NinjaTrader® version of my indicator )

Wies Wave support STOCKS, INDICES, FUTURES, FOREX on RANGE, TICKS, SECONDS , MINUTES, HOURS, DAILY, WEEKLY, MONTHLY.. time frames as same as this add on.

Your job is to open Market Analyzer and include instruments you would like to follow.

If those are stocks for example, you can scan list all of your favorite stocks or couple of thousands of them and search for patterns on Daily, Weekly , Monthly  or intraday time frame

If you are future or forex trader you can do the same scan and trade your favorite instruments on intraday or longer time frames

For example 6E,6B,6C,6S,NG 6A (I love to use continues contracts ##-##) they all use 0.0003 retrace value (by Mr. Weis instruction) and they will be input in one Market Analyzer.

Since i want to follow range, ticks and minutes.. different time frames in a same time.. i input choose: 2min, 3 min ,5 min, 10 min, 12min 15 min 150 ticks, 200 ticks, 500 ticks 1000 ticks , 6 range and 8 range.

Next step is to open an ALERT window and follow all of the ENABLED Patterns (some updates are in progress so you will have a bit different picture but principle is the same).

From the attached picture you can see that you can track Patterns on more than 20 instruments and more than 10 time frames in a same time ( if you trade intraday) and after that your “only” job is to be patient and wait / filter those SUPER TRADEs  …

I use Kinetick data for back testing which is always free for end of day data with NinjaTrader.  Professional Real Time Market Data is half the cost of the competition at only $55 per month!

sa ispisanim retrace


Indicator will tell you which time frame , what instrument, what Pattern and if you include STF ( Strong Trend Finder) also what is the trend on 3 previously chosen time frames.

Basically, instead of having 200 or 300 charts open, you track it all in Market Analyzer and after alert appear you are ready to check very that chart and decide is it worth trading or not!

On a setup from the picture you have “under radar” more than 200 charts

( around 20 instruments and each instrument is a scanned on a 10 different time frames)

As you can see, you can go wild with a numbers or track just a couple. It is on you

time frames and MA

Some clips about setup: